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NSA Has Hacked Google, Yahoo: Report

NSA Has Hacked Google, Yahoo: Report
Posted October 30th, 2013 @ 12:51pm by Kevin Spak, Newser Staff

(NEWSER– If you thought PRISM was bad, wait until you get a load of MUSCULAR. Documents from Edward Snowden reveal that the NSA has hacked the cables Google and Yahoo use to shuttle information between their massive cloud databases, giving them unfettered access to data from hundreds of millions of users, all without the slightest oversight from even the FISA court, theWashington Post reports. A top-secret document dated Jan. 9, 2013, reveals that in the previous 30 days alone, the NSA had collected 181,280,466 new records—and that includes not just metadata, but text, audio, and video as well.

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