So if you cry almost everyday, know that you are not alone, because so do I. I've been called a cry baby more than once, and I'm ok with that. Now Where you cry makes a difference, it's really not a good idea to cry at work, (even though I'm guilty of that, like sooo guilty) school isn't a good place to cry either. Here are the Top 5 places we cry, according to the survey . . .

1. In our car, 53%.Just make sure you're parked

2. At a family event, 41%.Because of Uncle Fred, I understand

3. At work, 34%. DON'T DO IT

4. Walking down the street, 29%. stepped on a crack

5. At the grocery store, 16%., trying to figure out what the heck to make for dinner

I'm really surprise in the shower didn't make the list! I think it's the best place to cry, you can wash those tears right off, and no one can see you.


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