A Study Found the Five Most Common Myths About Sleep

You may find sleep boring, unless your like me and you have crazy dreams...last night I dreamt that John Elway and I were dating, and he was also a professional hockey player?? OK that's a story for another time, but sleep is not overrated, it's so important to our health. Here are 5 myths about sleep you may find helpful....Sweet Dreams

Myth #1: Five hours of sleep a night is fine. They say that's the most DANGEROUS myth about sleep. Because study after study shows that regularly getting less than five hours increases your risk for heart disease and early death.

Myth #2: It's great to be able to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Everyone's jealous of people who can fall asleep on a plane before you even take off. But with most people, it's a sign you're not well rested in general. Meaning you're not sleeping enough, or the quality of your sleep isn't good.

Myth #3: Your brain and body can adapt to less sleep. That's also not true. So if you're not getting 7 or 8 hours a night, your mind and body are suffering.

Myth #4: Snoring is annoying, but basically harmless. Loud snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea. Especially if you can also hear pauses in breathing. And apnea increases risks for all kinds of things, including heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer.

Myth #5: Drinking alcohol before bed helps you sleep. It can help you fall asleep, but you don't get as much DEEP sleep when you've been drinking. So you're more likely to wake up feeling tired. 


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