A Weekend Getaway

This weekend was just . . . wow.

Colorado you never seize to amaze me. A weekend away within your beautiful aspens away from work, people, school, and technology was exactly what this girl needed.

As you can see, Moose accompanied me on this trip and was pretty much the center of my photography inspiration, and I'm NOT sorry about it. He is the first dog I've owned that is technically "Mine". We are pretty close, if that makes sense. However, Moose is smart, he's clever - like a fox. I've stumbled ac ross videos of foxes playing with toys EXACTLY how Moose plays with his. Now the reason this is relevant to camping is because he loves it so much!! He was out and about sniffing anything and everything he could. Digging, fetching, sniffing, and wandering off when we weren't looking. He could be half fox, and I wouldn't be surprised one bit. I love this dog, I hope you enjoy our mini potshot we had up past Gunnison, CO at Blue Mesa!



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