I Have A Number Neighbor!

Well, I don't usually participate in these trends but since my number neighbor made the first move, why not?

If you don't know what a number neighbor is, here is and example provided by Urban Dictionary:

Someone who has the same phone number as you, besides the last digit.

Greg: Hey Karla, what's your number?

Karla: (719):558-9013

Greg: Hey! We're number neighbors! Mines (719):588-9016

Moving forward now that we're all on the same page, my number neighbor text me Saturday morning. I've been too scared to do it because Twitter is posting about their really rude number neighbors and I didn't want the same reaction.

Turns Turns out, my number neighbor is a sweet heart, and now we're each others #1 Twitter fans. Never have met in real life before.

If this inspires you to text your number neighbor, tweet me the screen shot of your results! @TheeOriginalJi


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