Gone Jeepin'


Oh Colorado, you beautiful thing!

Sunday was a funday at Medano Pass! Its a Jeep trail just outside of Westcliffe which will take you through to the sand dunes! (I'm a Colorado native, and have never been to the dunes).

So I packed the essentials:

  • A Gas Station Sandwich
  • Jalapeno Chips
  • Water
  • Green Tea
  • Moose (My Dog)
  • My Step Mom (Essential Plus 1)
  • A Snowboard (To shred the sand, duh).

Westcliffe is a beautiful drive in the first place, and it only got better. Some friends from the gym lead the way, and we all hoped out of the Jeep to get them ready for a little off roadin. The trail was beautiful, filled with mud holes, puddles, and running streams! At one point one of the stream was nearly up to my driver side window! So much fun. What's a Jeep with out getting it dirty anyway? The trail took about 2 hours both ways. We stopped for lunch, and pictures, and of course had to pull over for some other adventurers out on the beautiful day. Unfortunately, when we were in the last stretch to make it out to the Sand Dunes, it was closed off due to the road washing out because of all of the rain. So, still no crossing off the sand dunes on my places to go (sigh).

This trail was easy for beginners, and I definitely recommend to give it a visit. The mountains are so green! Thank goodness for all this rain. NO FOREST FIRES!!

I'll be returning to this trail in a few weeks to take advantage of all the beautiful changing leaves! Maybe even spend a night in the designated camping spots. . . depending on if the mosquitos are as JURASSIC-LY LARGE as they were yesterday.


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