THIS IS SPARTA! (Well, Spartan).

The pictures are in!

Over the weekend I took on the Spartan Sprint with my Devil Dogg Fitness crew. There was no way I could've done this alone. This team (literally) pushed me through some of the obstacles. Helped pull me from the mud pit, launched me over inverted walls, whatever it takes! Seriously, the people that complete this race in under an hour and alone are an entirely different species.

Spartan really is challenging, but comes with a load of fun! The beast is just a few weeks away. While tempting to complete 2/3 of the Spartan Trifecta, I think my body will need a little rest and a lot more training before I take on that monster of an obstacle course! Next year for sure.

Enjoy my graceful, photogenic, absolutely stunning pictures from the race below!



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