My High School Sweet Heart Invited Me To His Wedding

This week it was to my surprise to receive a Facebook notification from my high school sweet heart. We dated for awhile, he was my first love, first heart break, and everything else that's sappy involving high school love. We dated many many years ago, and of course have dated many people since then.

Well, that Facebook notification wasn't just a simple "like" or message. It was an invitation to his upcoming wedding. Let me just say we are on good terms, of course. It's in my hometown so there is no traveling necessary to attend. However, as his bride to be wouldn't that weird her out?! Am I thinking too far into it?

Maybe some nostalgia is making my sharping thinking go slightly dull, so I'm asking you for help. Vote below! Should I go to the wedding, or perhaps just donate on their wedding website for their honey moon fund?



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