Would You Do This If Your Dog Passed Away?

Turn Your Dog Into This?

Saying goodbye to a furry friend has never been, and will never be easy. We have come up with so many unique ways to carry their memory with us as life goes on without them. This however, is taking it a bit too far.

For just the modest price of $4,100 you can have your deceased furry friend commemorated into a pearl necklace. They take the bones, put it in a ball of resin in which is accepted by an oyster and out comes your pearls. . .

Nope. No way. Not for me. Not only is that price outrageous, and the idea eerie, but could you put those pearls on and not be depressed? I couldn't. I'd be too sad to even look at them let alone wear them on a night out.

I did buy my sister a blanket with her dog on it (who is STILL alive) which is far less morbid in my opinion from furbabyprints.com that turned out really cute, far cheaper than $4K, and you can snuggle with it and find comfort compared to all of the "science" going into that dreadful pearl necklace.



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