So. . . Does This Mean I have To Get Hitched?

I had such a fun weekend! My family and I ventured out to beautiful Westcliffe, CO to celebrate a wedding for our family friends Ronnie and Brittney.

This wedding had picture perfect views, the mountain air was cool and gloomy which made for the perfect wedding venue. A little bit of Italian food was served at supper along with street tacos. (Weird pairing, but 10/10 recommend). The fun had just begun, and everyone at the wedding came to party. Of course, tradition insists the bride toss on her beautiful bouquet to the next eligible bachelorette. Well guess who that is, it's ME! I caught the bouquet out of the air . . . snatched it really.

Now its foreseeable that I would maybe go to great efforts for this bouquet if I had a boyfriend I was patiently awaiting to propose to me. . . but I don't. I'm more single than the last chip at the bottom of your Pringles Chip can. So I suppose the bouquet more so was the fact that I am reluctant to lose compared to meeting the man of my destiny.

None the less, good times!


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