Well That's One Way To Win A Crowd Over - "TEQUILA!"


America's Got Talent, one of my favorite shows! Not to mention Andy Rowell is one of my favorite memes floating around the internet right now. He decided with all his viral success "Why not show America what I've got?" He's right. . . WE LOVE HIM!

I love the introduction in this video, because they really build Andy up like hes going to belt out the most extravagant song known to man kind. Everyone behind the scenes warns him about the bitter Simon Cowell, who HATES karaoke. You'll notice the crowd buys in almost immediately. Dancing, laughing, and singing along! (It is karaoke) Even Simon certainly got a kick out of it asking to hear the whole album from Andy! "It was so stupid, I love it.". No red buzzer for Andy.

In fact, he was put through to the next round! All four judges across the board gave him a "Yes".

Go Andy! Go Andy! You've already won the crowd over, just wait til America gets to vote! You've got mine. . .


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