Pueblo's Water Tastes Great - Officially.

River Walk

Pueblo has so much to be proud of. Home of the Heroes, where KCCY 96.9 was born, and now home to some of the tastiest water in all of North America!

"Pueblo had previously earned the title of the best tasting water in the Rocky mountain region, which allowed Pueblo Water to compete against 37 other finalists at theĀ American Water Works Association conference this month in Denver" (Kackley).

This was a legitimate contest, and one on a continental level this time. It was rather disappointing that we lost to Ontario, Canada. I may have to make a trip up there to see what all their hype is about because Pueblo's water is pretty good. Big shout out to Pueblo Water who works really hard to not only make sure the water supply is clean, but also tasty! . . . and YES water does have a taste, and if you deny that you don't drink enough water.

(In case anyone was wondering, yes that is a picture of the River Walk. NO that is not the water I'm speaking of that is so tasty, DO NOT drink the River Walk water. It's pretty to look at and walk around though)


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