Luke Bryan tried Fishing In Colorado This Weekend

Luke Bryan was in Colorado over the weekend, where he'd expressed his excitement to fish some of the rivers until he had realized how high they were!

According to Denver Channel 7 Colorado had a lot of snow this year. "The calendar turned to June on Saturday and our statewide snowpack was 437% of normal, with highs peaking at 768% in the San Juan Mountains, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service" (Osborne).

Unfortunately for Luke, due to such high amounts of snow that also meant a high amount of run-off. This specific area he was in was Mack, Colorado roughly 5 hours away from Southern Colorado. This isn't the only area suffering from high waters. The Pueblo Reservoir has closed its river to anything not prepared for white-water conditions. It is still open to fisherman, but cautions those wading because the water can become swift in a single step!

Here Fishy-Fishy


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