Broncos Fan? Check This Out

This looks SICK!

Normally I don't care too much for cars unless it's got something to do with Jeeps. However, my high school sweet heart's first car was a Ford Bronco so I was feeling a bit nostalgic and figured that if you like country music there is a good chance you also like trucks.

Ford stopped production of these beasts in 1996 and after many years of slumber, they have reawaken. They're predicting that the model will be revealed by the end of this year but here's the rumors so far:

  • Supposedly the Bronco's will be 2-door
  • The doors and roof will come off
  • It might have a manual transmission option
  • A hybrid version is a definite

It appears that this Ford Bronco is gonna be pretty sweet! Depending on how it looks, I may have to splurge and get myself one to take off-roading with the Jeep! I can already tell though. . they wont be cheap.


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