Poor Adam Hambrick

Adam Hambrick, and Yours Truly (ME)

Springs Country Fest on Friday was seriously SO MUCH FUN! But, I've got a question . . .

First of all, look at Adam. You see that sweet little face? Exactly. So tell me why when he got done with his set he came and told me all about one listener in the crowd that was flying him the bird his whole performance?! My questions are as follows:

  1. To who ever was sending the mean gesture, Why?
  2. What do you have against Adam?
  3. Doesn't your arm get tired? His set was like an hour long!
  4. Who are you? I'm not mad. I just wanna know!

Adam did tell me that at first his feelings were kinda hurt, but he quickly got over it. I just thought it was ridiculously funny. So if that was you, please get ahold of me and answer those questions. I'm NOT mad, and you won't get in trouble, I'm just curious!


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