Meet Mike. . . The Headless Chicken

I'm a Colorado native, and I JUST found out about this festival. Marking it on my calendar for next year. . .

We just missed the 21st annual Mike The Headless Chicken Festival in Fruita, Colorado. A festival dedicated to one chicken's amazing will to live. Yup, music, drinks, games, even a 5K all for . . a headless chicken.

It all started back in 1945. A young man ventured out to the chicken coop to select that evening's main course. When he took an ax to the chickens neck, the bird shook it off and continued to wander about. After living a reasonable amount of time post decapitation they decided to let "Mike" live as long as he could! This chicken went on to tour several states with the phenomena of survival with no head! Scientists went on to observe that Mike still had part of his brain stem and the man had missed the jugular vein. Through the usage of an eyedropper they were able to feed and water Mike.

Mike went on to live 18 months before he had died. His death was the result of him choking when the eyedropper was no where to be found.

Mike is NOT forgotten, clearly. His life is celebrated here in Colorado! Fruita is about 5 hours from Southern Colorado. Its a BIG deal. It has sponsors, tournaments, food, and even live entertainment.

Not sure how I've lived in Colorado my whole life and only heard about this festival last weekend. . . Guess I have plans for next year!

R.I.P. Mike, gone but never forgotten.

Below are some pictures of ole' Mike! I'd be lying if I said they didn't gross me out so viewer beware. . .


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