Squishy Has Been Kidnapped!

Squishy the 16 year old Snake Necked Turtle has gone missing. . . more so KIDNAPPED!

Sweet little Squishy is used for souvenir photos at the Houston Zoo. Guests pick him up, say cheese, and place him back. Well, apparently the zoo keeper on duty must've been snoozing because Squishy has been kidnapped. The guest took off with Squishy in a Uber, and was even evicted from the apartment in which they lived for having possession of the animal.

When approached by authorities, the kidnapper once stated he didn't know where the turtle was, and later followed up with "Squishy was released to a safe place."

WRONG. Squishy requires a specialized diet, and also specific environmental temperatures. The kidnapper could possibly have murdered the turtle by "setting him free."

That being said, we hope that #SquishyReturnsHome2019 but in the mean time this turtle thief is going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent with felony theft from elderly or non-profit.


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