The Key To My Heart

Summer time is in the air... which means its Drive Inn time!!

I am a Pueblo, Colorado Native and that has always been one of my favorite activities. You can check out showtimes here:

So gather up some of your favorite blankets, a stereo, and your favorite snacks! Just in time for all you Oreo lovers they are releasing new favors like; Maple Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos, Marshmallow Moon Oreos, Latte Thins, and S'mores Oreos.

Those sound intriguing, however one flavor holds #1 in my heart: Red Velvet Oreos.

I first fell in love with the flavor 4 or so years ago at The Pueblo Drive Inn. The boy I was dating at the time grabbed the Oreo package at the store and insisted that I try them. they instantly became my favorite snack. That boy would always surprise me with those Oreo's, and it would brighten my day EVERY. TIME.

We eventually went our separate ways, and I kick myself for that often . . . because I don't get those Oreo's NEARLY enough anymore. Sorry Cody. . .

None the less, you've got to try those! If you run into a buy one get one deal - I'd be thrilled to take your extras off your hands for free.


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