Pineapple Spaghetti Pizza. . .? I'M IN!

It's pretty rude that Colorado never gets the coooool promotions. (I guess we DID get the 420 Carl Junior burger but I'd much rather have this).

The Domino's in New Zealand is pushing this new combination - Pineapple and Canned Spaghetti Pizza. Sign me up!

I despise anything pineapple, but funny enough I HAVE to have it on my pizza. It is the only way that I'll eat it. Now they added canned spaghetti?! Lets just say this is my childhood fantasy come true. My two go-to meals growing up; Hawaiin Pizza and Spaghetti O's.

So since Domino's here is smart enough to not offer such an atrocious combination I guess Ill have to take it up myself with a DIY edition. I'll let you know how it tastes - I'm predicting that I'm going to be giving this a 10/10.


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