An Open Letter To The Thieves That Busted Into My Jeep

Did You Use A Screw Driver?

Dear Thieves,

Why? Why do you prowl on the property of other people?

I am hard working, and kind. In fact, if you knew me and you needed money I would've been happy to lend or give you some. Instead, you chose to bust open the window of my pretty little Jeep in front of my house between the hours of 2am - 6am.

Now, the silliest part is that you went through a whole lot of effort to take the least valuable thing in my car. Also, did you use a screwdriver? There's lots of rocks in my driveway that would've made much more sense.Stolen was a backpack I had gotten for free. Inside that backpack was my work uniform from a part time gig I work on occasion. A silver button-up shirt, slacks, and some no-slip shoes. Bonus prize for you was my name tag with "Jiana" engraved on it, and my servers apron which had paper, pens, and one WHOLE dollar.

As you dug through that bag when you fled, I hope you were not only filled with disappointment, but also guilt. You missed a LOT of valuable things in that car. Over $3,000 worth of things actually. Bummer for you. You know my neighbors, and myself are smarter now and we will not be keeping a single thing in our vehicles overnight. Your karma was instant, but more will come. I hope that you choose to turn a new leaf, that your finances are less of a struggle in the near future, and that you get yourself there in an honest way.

To me, the window being broken is a violation of my personal property, peace and an inconvenience. To you, maybe that backpack will change your life... I have no idea what you're going through, but from the bottom of my heart I hope you find the good in yourself.

In the mean time, enjoy those work clothes you stole. Guess you needed them more than I did, huh?

To all my friends, and listeners take your valuables inside at night. I like to say I have the "Worst good luck" and this was a lesson for me I'd like to spread the word of before it happens to you too!

Bad things happen, people do bad things, but not all people are bad. Be Safe, friends.

Much Love,

Jiana Norton


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