Awkward Situations

Do you ever just run through worst-case scenarios in your head?

For example: I wonder what would happen if the cashier dropped my credit card outside the drive-thru window? Like who would have to get the card? Aggghh that would never happen.

Well it did, and it was awkward. Today I was treating myself to some Taco Bell when I pulled to the cashier window and REALLY CLOSE because that's just what you do to prevent dropping anything. Anyway, call me Miss Butter Hands Ji because we dropped the card between the window and my car and who was gonna get it? Was I gonna make that poor Taco Bell guy crawl out of the window? Of course not.

So here I am sliding out of my Jeep and shimmy-ing between my car door, and the building wall to try to find my credit card and everyone behind me in line was looking at me like a dumb-dumb.

Morale of the story; pay attention to your drive-thru cashiers. Because playing hide and seek with your credit card in a taco bell drive-thru curb is not a whole lot of fun. EMBARRASSING!


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