I Have An Unwritten Contract With Spiders - Heres why

I know, I know. "Ewwww Jiana, SPIDERS!!!!"

I've always had a weakness for critters. Bunnies, Bugs, whatever it was. Maybe it was the many summers I had spent at "Zoo Camp" but I have an admiration and respect for animals and insects that I notice is not common. I just don't like to kill them. EVEN spiders.

NO I am not a vegetarian, and I support those who chose to hunt! Its just not for me.

When I see a spider at home, I don't kill it unless its ON me or in MY bed. I'll capture them and release them outside, or even let them be on the wall until they move on. I see them, and just kinda assume we have an agreement. The agreement looks like this to me:

"Hey there Spider, I see you. You see me. I understand nature can be tough to survive in and you'e taken up a shelter in my home. I will let you leave as long as you keep your space, don't crawl on me, and don't bite me."

Granted, I have no way to keep track if its the same spider or not. BUT not killing them is good for you, the spider, AND the environment. GOOD-SPIDER-KARMA.

Thats my perspective. Now, meet Lucas. He is OUR friend - and pretty hard not to love.

Hes got his own Youtube series of all the good that spiders do, not to mention the fun they have, AND just how cute spiders can be.

Its got a lot of spider facts, they're fun to watch, and so heart warming!!

Maybe you're still gonna be a Spider Assassin, but these videos may have you thinking twice!



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