Craig Campbell - Every Teenage Boy's Nightmare

We all dreaded (and still kinda dread) meeting the parents. . .

When I was in High School I was always embarrassed to bring boys over to take pictures for dances. Why? Well my freshman year homecoming my lovely grandma of all people threatened to "taze" my date. (Who, by the way is still to this day one of the best and smartest gentleman I know. Thanks for scaring that one off, grandma.)

Anyway, we all know the country songs about Daddy polishing his shotgun for when his daughter is picked up and dropped off on a date. Craig Campbell, though intending to be funny with out a doubt intended to strike fear in the soul of this young man! I'd say he did a good job. Oh Craig. . . Preslee is still so young. Lots more dates to go ;)

Also, I LOVE how Craig stood up for his daughter's date in the comments. Hating on the kids long hair and relating it to him not being a good kid??? Craig responding in his defense. Good guy right there. Check out the photos below!


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