For The Win - Our St. Patrick's Day 5K Victory

This weekend we ran a 5K for fun, and accidentally won!

It seems my Dr. Suess mindset hasn't worn off just yet with rhymes like that. This weekend we ran a 5K in Colorado Springs, and somehow we won first place in the Corporate Cup.

To win it was a combination of race times and costumes. Now I'm not the BEST runner, I finished at about 35:17.

What I AM the best at is those "Do It Yourself" Dr. Suess outfits. The hats, ears, tutus, whiskers, and whatever else you see? All by hand by this girl!

If you take a look at the pictures, I'm "Thing 2".

I did find them all on Pintrest, great for Halloween! They were NOT all in green of course, I just accommodated according to the holiday - WHICH PAID OFF!

We had so much fun, and we hope your St. Partrick's day weekend was filled with GOLD memories too.


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