Get Ready For Thomas Rhett on SNL!

Don't get your hopes up like I did . . . TR is NOT hosting the show. He is however debuting a NEW song from a NEW album! Woot-WOOT!

The single is called "Look What God Gave Her" which he has already teased on his Instagram. I didn't listen to it, because I am a big time Thomas Rhett fan and I think I'll like the song even more if I get to see him perform it with the full band on TV! I'm also hoping he'll appear in one or two skits!

A few weeks ago we all got to go visit Nashville, and lucky me I did run into Thomas Rhett. Let me just say I've been so lucky to meet many many artists, and can usually play it cool. When it came to my boy TR, I was NOT cool. Had to hold my heart in my chest... Check out these pics!


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