Isak Returns!

If you've been living in Colorado for at least the past 6 months, you know all about the drama surrounding poor Isak. He's a giant troll built on a hiking trail in Breckenridge! Well. . . was built there.

For the moment Isak has been torn down. He was drawing tourists from everywhere you could think to climb up on him to snap a picture with the woodland creature. The locals didn't like that too much, so Isak was torn down.

I will admit I was pretty bummed about the art being taken apart because of the high traffic it was generating for the town. However, it has been announced that Isak will be built to see another day in Breckenridge coming this May. He will take about a week to construct, but he is certainly on my list of Summer destinations to visit!

Hoorah! Long live Isak the Troll.


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