We're Home!

Holey Smokes!

It feels good to be home. This past week Myself, Shawn Patrick, and Val Hart took off to music city!

My first Country Radio Seminar was certainly one for the books, and there is SO much to share. I'll start with day 1.

Traveling is draining to anyone, and my particular flight left Colorado Springs at 8:15 AM. Everything as far as travel went well, no delays or problems. There was a short layover at Dallas Fort Worth before taking off to Nashville. Well finally I arrive, Uber over to the hotel and upon arrival they didn't have my room ready. Its a little aggravating being stinky and fresh off a plane with no where to store all of your luggage. As it would turn out, all of the Detroit Red Wings players were staying in the hotel but didn't have to check out until 5PM.

I was as patient as a peach just waiting in the lobby hoping they'd call me up soon for a ready room. Thank goodness for Max, a friend of mine who lives in Nashville who had come and picked me up. Showed me around the city a bit, before we decided to go to his favorite BBQ place in Nashville (I couldn't pick a favorite, that city has some GREAT food!)

Upon finishing up my hotel room STILL wasn't ready so we thought "Why not go to a Preds game?!"

Now I am an avid hockey fan for the Colorado Avalanche - but holey smokes did Nashville make us look SAD! The entire game there crowds energy was just uncontrollable, there was live music between each period, and the fans were ruthless with their wild chants! I enjoyed every second of that game from the "Fang Fingers" to when the Predators Scored Tim McGraw would pop up on the big screen singing a customized version to "I Like It, I love It"

As you can tell in the picture, I was exhausted. The excitement of the week was only JUST beginning. I'll be sharing more pictures, stories, and laughs with you throughout the week here, and over the air waves on Y96.9!!


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