Torture!! These New Roll Outs Are Awfully Tempting. . .

Think your diets been going good? Better look away. . .

If I know myself, its that my sweet tooth is my ultimate weakness. . . it's a MURDERER!! (Well, to my diets).

It should be illegal for companies to roll out such scrumptious treats until about March when EVERYONE has given up their diets.

Ben & Jerrys has the nerve to roll out a cookie dough core. . . EXCUSE ME?! Lucky for me, my favorite all time flavor is red velvet . . . So I'm safe for now on the Ben & Jerrys. . . I'll just be looking forward to that on my first day off the diet.

Then Burger King thinks they'll be cute with funnel cake fries. An all time American favorite treat. Available at a drive through. . . ughhhhhh. . . I'm drooling. 

Ya know, it seems the longer Im being good and eating healthy, the ore temptation becomes apparent. Like I've NEVER craved a Caramel Frap from Starbucks this late in the evening but SURE ENOUGH Starbucks is starting to deliver. . .

Help. Me. 

Summer is too close, and if I cave in on my diet, It's canceled. ;)


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