Calling All Actors! Why Go West When You Can go To Pueblo?

Need your big acting break? Check out this series. Its a Sci-Fi based web series in Pueblo looking for actors like you! Who says you need to go to the West Coast to make it big! 

Want to get a sense for what its going to look like? You can visit the website (

Here's a summary I got from the website: "The year is 2641. Humanity has spread out and colonized the galaxy. Some colonies remain loyal to their masters, others rebel or request independence. Instead of monolithic United Federations ruling the galaxy, individual worlds play host to many nations, each with their own culture, traditions, and territorial claims in space."

Along with conceptual trailers, they also have all the roles they're looking to cast! They've got it all planned out now they just need their stars! Based upon funding the project receives, you may even get paid! 

On Friday, an open casting call for the film project “Into the Void” is slated from 6-9 p.m. at New Life Bible Church, 2320 S. Prairie Ave.

Look at it this way, its NOT Hollywood, but its all about resume building! You never know. . . I mean I produced a lip sync video of Pueblo Police Dancing and it went VIRAL! This may just be your big break as well. Break A Leg!


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