The Rocky Mountain Vibes!!

Alright baseball fans, have you heard the news?!

Colorado Springs released the new team name, logos, and merchandise for the new ball team coming to town. What do you think? They called them The Rocky Mountain Vibes which encompasses the Colorado outdoors, and natives here in southern Colorado.

If you recall earlier this year, we voted here in southern Colorado for the following:

- Happy Campers

- Lamb Chomps

- Punchy Pikas

- Throttle Jockeys

- Rocky Mountain Oysters

So, obviously none of those one, and those of us whom voted are kinda disappointed they looked so hard for the link to vote. . . (Sigh)

I look forward to this new baseball team becoming part of the Southern Colorado Culture - If you're upset the Sky Sox left, a piece of all of our hearts left with them. I hope you find it in your baseball-loving heart to give these guys a shot. (Plus, who DOESN'T love S'mores?!?!)


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