Carrie Underwood - Son is Already Starting Sibling Rivalry!

"He told me recently that when the new baby comes that Daddy could have that baby and then he could be mine,” the 35-year-old Underwood says. “His world is about to get rocked.” She adds, "He loves me. He looks at me and talks to me and interacts with me like nobody else on this planet. He’ll stare at me and I’m like, ‘What are you looking at?’ And he’s like, ‘I just love you.’ What kid does that?” (Prep Plus).

Carrie Underwood is right, Isiah's world is about to get rocked by baby #2. Being the oldest sibling myself, it is a bad day when that sibling is introduced. The day before my mom went into labor with my little sister, we went to the zoo! I thought it would be a good day, until I was bit in the back by a miniature pony. To make me feel better we continued over to the llamas.. where one spit in my face. I was covered in llama spit, in my ears, nose, eyes! So my dearest sister seemed like she was a curse to me at that point. I can still vividly remember just about every moment from that terrible day.  Roughly 18 years later, I've learned that I'm very fortunate to have a baby sister like her.. but Carrie, don't take little Isiah to the zoo before #2 arrives! It's asking for a bad time...


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