Fake News Means Serious Consequences For Bear Attack

A huge part of what makes Colorado so special is that we have this agreement with nature to share the land. Well, I'm sure you've heard of the lady here in Colorado that falsely claimed a bear attack. NOT COOL! So shes facing 20 hours of community service.

Personally, I think she got off too easy. You see so many stories of people taunting animals here in Colorado and getting hurt, now they're fibbing about it? Its a shame to give Colorado such a reputation about our wild life. Shes lucky that after all the hours The Wild Life Services wasted into this investigation that nobody killed or harmed a bear out of suspicion of it being the bear that "attacked" her. 

Whats the point of framing a bear? Any benefit? Not that I can think of. Colorado's wild life is beautiful, and part of what makes Colorado as magical as it is. So, when it comes to wild animals, stay out of it! Leave them wild. 

There's more details about this story in the link below.



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