Happy Birthday Moose!

My Moose turned 2 today! Moose is my loyal, protective, and crazy pup! I got him for myself 2 years ago for Christmas, despite anything my parents said. I needed a furry companion, and that is when I stumbled upon Moose's Craiglist ad.

So, like the irresponsible teenager I was, I wanted this dog really bad and I offered more than the asking price. I drove all the way down to Pueblo with my best friend, and traded cash for a puppy at a closed restaurant down-town at roughly midnight. (I know, that is not sketchy at all). 

I brought my "Moo-moo" home to my family that Christmas. At first they were upset with me, but minutes later Moose had them wrapped around his puppy paws. 

So here we are, celebrating his birthday 2 years later. My silly, cuddly, loving best friend! Happy birthday Moosey-Man. 


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