10 Reasons I Don't Want To Hear "There's Nothing To Do" This Winter

All too often I hear people dread winter because "There's nothing to do when its too cold out." Well I'm sick of it, and I want to convince all my fellow Coloradoans to do their "snow-dances" to get this winter rollin'

Here is a lift of fun winter activities to participate in and hopefully convince you to look forward to this coming snowy season.

1. Ski or Snowboard

Everyone in the whole U.S. knows that's what Colorado is all about. My mind is blown every time a native has told me they haven't tried to ski or snowboard. Challenge yourself to get to the slopes this year!


Some of my favorite memories with my best friends is the trip we make to Winter Park every New Years Eve to the tubing hill there. There is 0% effort necessary because there are several ice hills, magic carpets, and its open all day and late into the evening. Its so much fun, especially when you get other tubers to hold on to one another or race or create shapes down the hill. I definitely look forward to it every year!

3. Horse Drawn Sleighs

Yes, this exists beyond fairy tales! I got to do this at a ranch near Beaver Creek when I was younger, and it was magical! Beaver Creek isn't the only place for it, just type it in google!

4. Brewery Hopping

For those of you old enough to enjoy adult beverages, Colorado has SO MANY breweries that are local. I haven't tried this personally, but my older friend certainly enjoy a good brew tour after a long day in the snow!

5. Dog Sledding

Another on my list to try this season, but I've seen them on the pass to Monarch Mountain. Puppies and sledding. How much more do I need to say to convenience you that is fun? 

6. Ice Fishing

This activity is as much fun as it is kind of scary. When I went I wasn't able to catch anything, but it sure was a cool experience I would like to try again!

7. Ice Skating

This is a much cooler outdoor activity, however is just as festive indoors! Funny story - the middle school I went to we would walk to the ice rink every other Tuesday and skate for gym class. I got pretty good!

8. Mountain Towns

One of my favorite things about mountain towns when it gets snowy is all of the pretty twinkling lights they hang up! If you're looking for a lazy get away book a hotel with a hot tub and take a night time stroll under they gorgeous lights.

9. The Manitou Incline

I know what you're thinking . . . ARE YOU CRAZY. Well to some extent, yes. I have hiked a very icy Manitou incline, but it was kind of fun, and all the more challenging! If you're feeling up to the challenge,  I'd recommend some ice spikes for your tennis shoes!! 

10. Winter Snuggles

If its a significant other, dog, your kiddos . . . Nothing beats snugly nights by a fire place with snow falling outside!


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