Jiji's Throwback Thursday - The Bell Game

Well, since it is "Bell Week" in Pueblo, Colorado and that's where I grew up, I thought I would do a throwback!

Officially described as "The Bell Game is an annual football contest between two high schools in Pueblo, Colorado, USA: Central High School and Centennial High School. They have been playing each other since 1892 in what is described as the oldest American football rivalry west of the Mississippi River and the largest sports event of its kind in Colorado. The rivalry is sometimes referred to as the "One Hundred Year War". Since the mid-1950s, the teams have played for ownership of the trophy Bell and to paint it their colors and keep it in their school for sporting events and school activities."

The history of this tradition is not the only thing that makes the game so special. Alumni from each high school flood the stands of Dutch Clark every year to join the electric student section in cheering on either the Central Wildcats or the Centennial Bulldogs. I graduated in 2016, and Centennial had the bell for most of my years, but we lost it my senior year. A salty side of me still is convinced we deserve a rematch.. one day I might get over it, but probably not.

Nonetheless, the tradition continues on Friday night at Dutch Clark Stadium. I know I'm graduated and living in the adult world now but this week...




Because once a bulldog, always a bulldog.


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