Jiji's Trip to The Haunted Mines


The Haunted Mines located at 3910 Palmer Park Blvd., Colorado Springs CO 80909.

I like to consider myself a Halloween Queen, but this Haunted house may have robbed me of my crown. The house took about 40 to 50 minutes to actually get through, which was by far impressive. It had different story lines throughout the area which kept the haunted house interesting and more fun when you changed rooms. I truly give this house an 11/10 on all levels from spookiness, creativity, and the time it takes to get through it all. Their characters were extremely dedicated, and the costumes were far from tacky. This was a high quality staff, location, and props. 

When you're waiting in line, they have 2 coffins laying next to one another. The Grim Reaper guards these coffins, and offers you an opportunity to step inside and actually experience what it feels like to be buried ALIVE

Waiting in lines here isn't so bad, as they offer fun dancing music, and the evening I went they even had a band setting up to play. They don't allow electronics to record inside of the haunted maze, but even if you're sneaky they will do you no good - its too dark, and the evil spirits prevent you from capturing anything of quality video. 

Nonetheless, this is a Haunted Mine worth checking out, but don't say I didn't warn you... 


Full schedule at link attached.



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