The Weather This Week Is Too Good To Be True - Don't Wake Me!


The weather this week has been like a dream come true to me, and if it is only a dream, please do not wake me up! I am an avid snowboarder who is patiently awaiting her new board to be shipped so she can hit the slopes. After the fourth of July, I pronounce that Summer is dead to me and I go to sleep every night wishing to wake up to flurries.

Monday really kicked off a wonderful week for me as the morning was chilly and flakes were sticking to my windshield, followed by a gloomy Tuesday, and this morning MORE SNOW! My snowboarding fever is off the charts, and then I saw this video of Parker the pup.

Parker looks like he is one of the most dedicated and hardest working dog I've seen so far this early season making sure the snow machines are working properly. Thank you Parker, for making earlier season for us snowboarders and skiers that much more possible and enjoyable.

What a good boy!


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