Take Precautions For Driving in Winter Weather!

When it comes to driving in the snow, us Colorado Natives think we are naturals. We list out the necessities in our head like: oil, full tank of gas, good tire pressure, etc. Then were up the mountains to hit the slopes, or even on I-25 to get to work. 

Well last year, one thing had slipped my mind that I urge everyone else to note this year: TIRE TREAD. I was driving up to go snowboarding on a gorgeous winter morning with my little brother, and a couple buddies of my own. We weren't going very fast because the snowflakes were so big I could barely see - perfect day to go to the slopes as the powder snow would be in abundance. It was about 5 am and the sun had yet to rise when my car started to slip, because the road was at a sideways angle. 

A million thoughts were going through my mind as my heart sank thinking to myself "Well, this may be my last memory." It was torturous, like I said we hadn't been going fast, and sliding down this hill was at a slow pace as well. We were spinning slowly, so that the tail end of my vehicle was going toward the river and a little piece of guard rail. My friend even had enough time to say "Brace yourself, this is going to hurt." and a few moments later my car had hit the guard rail, bending the whole rail back about 90 degrees. 

We all jump out of the car to check it out, and we were sooo lucky. The only damage done had been to my tailgate. CDOT saw the spin out, and came to confirm everyone was okay, and told us to call state patrol, and leave. I called state patrol, but stayed where I was considering my car still worked fine and the heater was working. 

The patrolman arrived and instructed us to follow him some where safer. We had waited about an hour, so the snow really dumped at that point. When he found a good space to pull off I tried to stop behind him as easily as he did and I slid another few yards. He scurried after us, and told us we should go home as soon as we fill out the paperwork. It was an equipment failure and nobody was hurt, but considering the amount of damage done to the rail he had to document that. So, he gave me a $25 ticket for equipment failure. (I am beyond grateful for that trooper that came out to us, he was very understanding, and calming to us kids who were scared near to death to drive any further at that point).

After he bid us goodbye, we as a group decided not to continue to the slope that day. Safer for us to just go home. However, if we had been roughly a foot to the left, we would've rolled into the river and who knows what could of happened. So beyond normal precautions, please remember to check your tire tread!!!

Below is a link of information, and other precautions to take before the severe winter conditions here in Colorado.



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