Colorado Rockies Heart Breaking Loss

The energy at Coors Field was electric yesterday as the Milwaukee Brewers set foot on the dirt in Mile High City. My mom and I made the trip, in hopes of witnessing a game that would go down in Major League Baseball history! The crowd was insanely energetic, and it was contagious to say the least. The weather was gloomy, and it was sprinkling rain through out the game, but the fans poured into Coors Field like true Coloradoans - DRESSED IN LAYERS!

Rally towels were handed to each fan as they walked through the gates in colors of black, silver, and of course purple! As we found our way to our seats, we patiently awaited the national anthem followed by the classic "Play Ball!" It was such a treat to see the woman singing the national anthem was from our very own Colorado Springs! She began to sing, and chills ran down our backs, fire works were set off, and to top it all off, a PERFECTLY timed fly over from the legendary Thunderbirds. In that moment my eyes teared up, maybe it was because I realized how cool it was to be one of the many in the stadium this Rocktober, but to be honest the roaring of the Thunderbirds did give me a bit of a scare. 

The undying loyalty displayed by Rockies fans last night was amazing! The temperature kept creeping cooler, and the layers kept piling on. Every fan in the stadium was on their feet! (Except my section, in which the usher told us to stay seated because others around us couldn't see. So we hopped over one section to those standing. BECAUSE THERE'S NO SITTING IN A NLDS GAME IN YOUR HOME TEAM STADIUM)

It was devastating to see the Rockies take a loss, but none the less was an amazing experience.

Until next year boys.

(However, it is OFFICIALLY hockey season now. Yes please.) 


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