Passive Aggressive Parking Notes

My Favorite Note I've Seen

Passive aggressive parking notes are all fun and games until you receive one. The one in the picture has to be my favorite, because now they will think of this every time they eat ice cream.. at least I will and it wasn't even meant for me!

Funny story about passive aggressive parking notes:

So I grew up in a full house. I am the oldest of seven kids in all of my family. Well recently one of my sisters started parking in a spot in our driveway which to get to you have to drive OVER the grass. I never thought anything of it because the grass didn't die, so why would any one care? Well it just so happened that my other sister DID care, so she post a hand-made NO PARKING sign with some passive aggressive messaging underneath. 

That evening at dinner, you could've sliced the tension in the room with a dull spoon. My sisters were not happy with each other. That's when I noted that passive aggressive parking notes are all giggles and fun ONLY if they remain anonymous.


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