The Ice Castles Make Their Return

Well, this Colorado fall is throwing us for a loop. That's nothing new. Waking up to a very dull, rainy morning and throwing on your cutest rain boots that have been patiently waiting in your closet. Then, you maybe take a step outside of your office and suddenly your rain boots are personal baking ovens for your little toes!

However, with the beginning of these fall mornings the Big-Bad Colorado Winter lurks behind it. Lucky for us Coloradoans so does ski season, weather delays, and these beautiful ice castles. In Dillon, Colorado these ice castles bring thousands of visitors from all around. Not only does it increase the economy surrounding Dillon, but it does so by about $3 million!

I cant wait for these to open. They are so carefully sculpted and have thousands of LED lights throughout the icicles to add to the magic. If you want more information, I included the link below.


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