Would You Rather Wednesday

Would You Rather Wednesday: "Would you rather win $50,000 for yourself, or let your best friend win $500,000?"

I like this question a lot because when it comes to money, it is pretty difficult to trust just anybody with it. However, when it comes to a fortune of $50,000 for yourself, or letting your best friend win $500,00 what would you choose? 

Maybe some would pick the $50,000 for themselves, which is a safe bet. Especially if your bestie doesn't know you had the option for them to win $500,000! However, my best friend and I have been running around together since we were 6 years-old, and because of that I think I would let her win $500,00. (All of that being said in hopes that she will know I let her win that money, and go 50/50 with me!)

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