Lazy? OR Survival Of The Fittest?

Has your wife been telling you you're "too lazy"? Well, blame that on evolutionary science.

After all these years of your mom waking you up with the vacuum nagging that "you're lazy", or your middle school coach making you do an extra lap because you're lazy... and it turns out WE CAN'T HELP IT.

Get this, even when we are motivated we are using far more energy than we are built for, and actually working AGAINST our natural human nature.

It's just evolution. Our ancestors who were soooo lazy, actually used it to their advantage. Thus as a result of their descendants years and years down the line, here we are. To clarify, they used that stored energy for hunting and survival. You and me? We store that energy to binge Netflix all night and order take-out. 

Cheers to being lazy! (Survival of the fittest, am I right?)

Check out the full article at the link.


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