Would You Rather Wednesday

The big question today: Would you rather ask for help or try to figure it out yourself?

Here's the thing about me. I hate feeling like I'm in a person's way or an inconvenience. I know its a silly thing to be mindful about, at least when it comes to asking for help. Nonetheless, I usually like to try to figure things out myself. Why would I want to interrupt someones valuable time for me to complete a task that may just take a few minutes longer for me to complete myself? Though if I really can't solve my situation, I am willing to ask for help. There's nothing wrong with it!

Here is a situation in which I would NOT try to figure out myself:

Say for example you're minding you're own business walking down the street and you step on glass and slice your foot wide open. This is when YOU ASK FOR HELP, DO NOT TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF. That is a scenario where its DEFINITELY okay to ask for help. So please be mindful of those situations. 

There's a poll on our Twitter page (@Y969) where you can tell me what your answer is! Tweet at us, and I'll tweet you back. Lets talk about it!! 


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