Carrie Underwood monitors Her Son's Singing


Did you catch The Tonight Show last night? Carrie Underwood was a guest, and of course I tuned in. She talks about her three year old son, and baby #2 who is now expected! While Carrie is always so neat to watch, my favorite part was her talking about her son being able to sing.

You can already tell that Carrie is a compassionate momma, and she wants her kids to pursue their dreams and live for their passions. Though, as she starts to ramble on a little more, she shares that she does monitor Isaiah. She encourages him to be anything he wants (which if your mom is a professional singer and your dad is a retired Professional Hockey athlete the world could be your oyster).

He hasn't showed any remarkable interest in music yet, but Momma Carrie REALLY wants him to be a singer. Hear her explain it herself, if you fast forward to about 2:20 you can hear the whole conversation. 

Happy Friday!!


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