Get to Know Jiji with "Would You Rather Wednesday"

Today's big question with "Would You Rather Wednesday" is: Would you rather have a 1-minute conversation with your past self or your future self?

While talking to who I hope to be within the next 20 years would be (hopefully) inspiring, I would rather talk to myself from the past. There's a lot of mistakes I've made, and naturally as a human I'm so sure I will make more. However, I used to be a girl who's mistakes that come with learning would eat her alive. If you're like the old me, here's what I would break down to you - knowing what I know now.

Start the timer. 1 Minute!

- First of all, mistakes are inevitable. You cant take them as an "Oh man. I will NEVER make it." You've got to use them as a self coaching moment and reflect how you will improve in the future. 

- Secondly, there are going to be a lot of people who may say you'll never amount to much. Use that as motivation. Even better, there will be people that believe you are going to make every last detail of your dreams come true. Use that optimism to inspire everything inside of you to prove them right, and you'll find that those whom love and support you are far more of the fire in your chest than the "haters" ever were or will be. 

- Also, learn to prioritize. What the categories might be (family, school, work, friends, etc.) Determine the order they come in based on what brings the most color to your world, and a brightness to your future.

- Finally (time allowing), Jiji. DO NOT GO TO PRE-DENTAL SCHOOL. Girl, you remember when you fainted dissecting that heart in elementary school? Oh! and how you get sick to your stomach at the sight of blood (even as little as a paper cut)? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN CLEAN TEETH?!

That is all. I would LOVE to hear what you would choose. I've got a Twitter Poll up. Go vote, maybe even respond with why and I'll tweet you back! @Y969


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