A Guide To Determine If You're City Or Country


Have you ever just found yourself wondering "Am I city, or am I country?" Well put your worries to rest as Granger Smith and co-author Earl Dibbles JR. have just released a book that will help you clarify. Granger said "The book is full of illustrations with a cartoon version of Earl Dibbles Jr in 50 different scenarios, comparing and contrasting how country boys do things a little different than city boys."

I'd like to take a look at this book and see where I stand! I am hoping Country, but compared to Earl Dibble JR's crazy ways I maybe a little more city than I'd like to think. 

Have you ordered yours yet? Judging off of this video, I bet the book is hilarious. I can't wait to see both Earl Dibbles JR and Granger Smith LIVE tomorrow night at The Back Road Country Fest here in Colorado Springs! 


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