My Wife Said This Is The Perfect Game For Our Brother In-Law!

Do you cheat at Monopoly or any game?  My wife thinks, Louis , our brother in-law is a great game playing cheater (I respect the wins). It's okay (Louis) if you do . . . first of all,  everyone does, and second of all, your family and friends should THANK  you for figuring out how to end the game in less than 72 hours.

Hasbro is answering everyone who cheats prayers.  They just announced a new version of the game called . . . the Cheaters Edition. (You welcome Louis and Vince. He's our friend who is really good cheating on games too.) 

It's basically the same as regular Monopoly, but it comes with a  special deck of "cheat cards."  Everyone pulls one before the game, and they have different challenges including . . .

1.  Steal money from the bank.

2.  Remove a hotel from someone else's property.

3.  Move another player's token instead of your own on your turn.

4.  Give someone less money than you owe them.

And if you successfully pull off the cheat without getting caught, you get a reward.  But if you DO get caught, there are penalties, like going to jail.  Monopoly jail, not real jail (real jail sucks btw). It would be pretty extreme if you could get legit arrested for cheating at Monopoly though.

The Monopoly Cheaters Edition is scheduled to come out in the fall and should cost around $20. 


Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

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