Stupid Hillbilly News - Amber Said This Could Be My Family!

Amber swears if I had brothers that this would be my story. Lucky for me...I'm an only child! :) I'm pretty sure every set of brothers in the history of the world has  had an argument like this one. . . but NOT all of them needed police intervention. 

This happened back on December 26th, but it's just hitting the news now.

Two brothers in Moundville, Alabama were eating lunch the day after  Christmas and they got into an argument over dessert.  Apparently the  older brother cut them pieces of cheesecake, and the younger brother  thought his piece was too small.

They started arguing, and the older brother wound up PUNCHING his  younger brother . . . and then grabbing the butcher's knife he'd used to  cut the cheesecake.  The younger brother said he felt threatened so he  called the cops.

When they got there, the younger brother told them what happened . . .  and even asked the cops if they thought his portion of cheesecake was,  quote, "big enough for a grown [a**] man."

 The older brother was arrested for third-degree violence and harassment. 

Lets be real here...if the cheesecake is that's wroth a fight to get your equal share. Fight for what you want. Dang! This would be my story if I had a brother! Thank you world for allowing me to be a lonely none violent only well behaved child! 

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor

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