Help Us Decide The Bonehead Of The Week: May 22nd

Everyday Lunchbox shares a "Bonehead Story of the Day" to give us all a laugh on The Bobby Bones Show. The boneheads feature people all across the country that are getting in trouble for ridiculous things. So we decided to give listeners a recap at the end of the week and let them vote on the biggest bonehead of the entire week.

Listen to this week's stories from Lunchbox above or read them below... then vote!

MONDAY: Yellowstone National Park – The park is closed due to coronavirus, but one lady didn’t care...she wanted to see the hot springs and take a selfie. Well, she slipped and fell into the hot springs and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

TUESDAY: Hawaii – A 23-year-old man from New York took a vacation to Hawaii. The state has a rule that if you come to Hawaii you must stay in your hotel room for 14 days and if you don’t comply you’ll spend a year in jail. Well he signed the paperwork agreeing he’d abide by the state law and when they left…he went out to the beach and posted pics on social media!

WEDNESDAY: Sydney, Australia - A 25-year-old man broke into a museum and wanted to take some selfies at the dinosaur exhibit, he stole a cowboy hat and some art work, only problem…the guy posted those pics on social media and was busted!

THURSDAY: Brevard County, FL – A 32-year-old women went to the bar, had a few drinks, then started going up to strangers and tried kissing them, next guy same thing, they all turned her down. She finally gets kicked out and then called the police to say they weren’t practicing social distancing…obviously lying.

FRIDAY: Indian River County, FL– A 56-year-old woman was cleaning out her garage, only problem is it was really hot outside, so…she took her shirt off and cleaned TOPLESS…with the garage door open! Neighbors were outside with their kids and they called the police, she was arrested.

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